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B2C Multichannel commerce today presents a classic good news/bad news situation. The good news is easy to see: digital sales channels, including online, mobile commerce and the emerging area of social retailing, continue to be growth areas, even in a still-shaky economic climate. The bad news for many retailers is that their legacy e-commerce platforms are preventing them from maximizing these tantalizing growth opportunities.

The decision to upgrade or replace an outdated e-commerce platform to gain multichannel capabilities creates the context for a number of other critical decisions. One of the most significant is the basic deployment model for the commerce platform. The three broad deployment model categories available today are: on-demand, hosted, or on-premises. While it is true that each has its own benefits, ultimately the retailer's business model and its goals should be the determining factors.

Hybris Software, Hybris Software:Guide, Choosing the Right Deployment Model for your B2C Multichannel Commerce Platform, e-commerce, retailer, e-retailing, retail
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