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Chemical manufacturers face strict demands from customers and tight control by regulators, putting intense pressure on all facets of their operations. Chemical products require purity, and chemical manufacturing processes are subject to complex environment, health and safety requirements. Inefficiencies erode profitability, and errors put not just the customer satisfaction but lives in danger. World-class supply chain management and collaboration is the backbone of safe, profitable chemical manufacturing. In order to improve management of materials across their supply chains and increase collaboration, chemical manufacturers must rethink their strategies and do three things exceptionally well:
  • Recognize that supply chain management and collaboration is a key corporate strategy that must be addressed.
  • Support supply chain management and collaboration with resources, investments and best practices.
  • Rigorously monitor performance to continuously improve customer relations and more effectively identify and satisfy demand.
Download this analyst brief to learn the strategies and actions chemical manufacturers must take to be compliant and profitable tomorrow and for years to come.

Infor, Chemical Supply Chain Management - Improving Warehouse Productivity, Supply Chain, Chemicals, Manufacturing, manufacturing process, manufacturer, warehouse, Safety
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