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For most IT organization, a mixture of Windows UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X platforms is simply a fact of life. However, reducing IT complexity has become a critical issue in the past few years as an uncertain economy has put renewed focus on reducing expenses and leveraging existing investments. At the same time, security and compliance have become even more critical as organizations cope with a dynamic business environment that includes mergers and acquisitions, staff reductions, and outsourcing. This white paper describes the identity and access management challenges associated with controlling, securing and auditing system access to an increasingly heterogeneous IT environment and examine the difficult choices that organizations are facing. What's the best way to consolidate identities, stop the sharing of privileged accounts and get privileged users to login as themselves? How do I enforce controls over what those privileged users can do, and verify all their activity regardless of the system or application? A compelling business and technical case is made for addressing these challenges by leveraging Microsoft Active Directory -- a scalable, robust infrastructure most organizations have already deployed -- for centralized identity and access management across heterogeneous systems and applications.

Centrify Corporation, Centrify Corporation:White Paper, Centrally Controlling, Securing and Auditing Access to Cross-Platform Systems and Applications, linux, unix, mac os, it system, it organization, leveraged IT, windows, it infrastructure, it solutions
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