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A health topic site launched by a consortium of a drug manufacturer, health services provider, and a non-profit organization had a heavy content laden site, with low search engine visibility and virtually no top search engine rankings. By partnering with Intrapromote, this health topic site reorganized their content and:
  • Increased monthly search traffic from 2,800 to 363,000 visits
  • Had a 1,700% increase in Google traffic
  • Optimized a Spanish version of the site for additional traffic
  • Also increased traffic with several vital drug related keywords
As a Sales/Marketing Professional learn more about the SEO and link development strategies leveraged in this case study that has allowed search engine visibility to grow dramatically for this site in the last 5 years!

Case Study: Search Engine Optimization and Link Development Success Strategies, Intrapromote, Intrapromote Complimentary Case Study, Google traffic, Sales/Marketing Professional, Power of Search Friendly Content, search engine visibility
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Case Study: Search Engine Optimization and Link Development Success Strategies
The resource is available from the link above.
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