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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) was faced with a growing number of diagnostic and clinical imaging workstations in multiple locations throughout the enterprise. As the PACS implementation expanded, UPMC's staff became involved in manually calibrating and managing the growing number of PACS displays.

By partnering with Canvys – Visual Technology Solutions, UPMC relies on their new system to:
  • test the conformance of their displays and calibrate them on a fixed schedule
  • accommodate additional workstations and upgrades across the entire enterprise
  • view and manage the status of all deployed PACS displays from a single site
This new system has allowed UPMC to focus on their patients rather than tying up resources on managing, testing and verifying image consistency with their PACS displays.

Case Study: Managing Image Consistency in an Expanding Healthcare Enterprise, Canvys - Visual Technology Solutions, Canvys - Visual Technology Solutions Complimentary Case Study, medical center, calibrate diagnostic, PACS imaging workstations, University
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Case Study: Managing Image Consistency in an Expanding Healthcare Enterprise
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