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As online communication has become commonplace, human resources self-service has increasingly become a fact of life for most companies. A self-service HR system is one where employee benefits, payroll, and scheduling are managed online. Employees provide up-to-date information, and employees access this data or make changes to their personal records via the internet or a company intranet. Tools for managers and human resources administrators help implement career development materials, assist in recruitment and hiring, and help oversee and approve scheduling and payroll issues.

When planned and executed well, a self-service system increases employee satisfaction and efficiency and reduces costs for both the employer and the employee. However, careful execution and the ability to respond to problems as they come up can be crucial to the maintenance of employee satisfaction and participation levels.

Paychex, Inc, Paychex, Inc:White Paper, Capitalizing on the Trend of Self-Service: A Win-Win for the Employer and the Employee, it trends, IT resources, it system, IT Career, it managers
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