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This white paper will highlight WebFOCUS Hyperstage, an effective and economical way for users of Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI platform to achieve outstanding reporting and analytic performance - even in the face of expanding data volumes. Hyperstage is a query-optimized data store, embedded directly into the WebFOCUS environment. It significantly accelerates the speed and efficiency of WebFOCUS applications, particularly those that handle high numbers of ad hoc or unplanned queries, or those that consume large volumes of data. They'll discuss why its columnar architecture is better suited to reporting and analytics than row-oriented databases, as well as its dynamic Knowledge Grid and built-in facilities for automated data access and migration, which allow companies to take advantage of a truly self-managing environment that is fully optimized for business intelligence.

Information Builders, Inc., Information Builders, Inc.:White Paper, Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth?,
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