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In a world where continuous improvement is not a choice, but a necessity, the need for robust business architecture is greater than ever. Without a solid business architecture, making changes in one business area or professional domain will surely have unintended consequences on many of the others, unless identified early. The fact is when it comes to architecture - every connection matters.

Discover what an aligned business architecture foundation looks like. Key discussion topics include:
  • What is business architecture and how is it different from enterprise architecture?
  • Connecting strategy, capability and process to improve performance
  • Business architecture as a tool for transformation and innovation
  • How to get started and demonstrate business value
Featured Speakers:
  • Roger Burlton, Founder and Chief Consultant, BPTrends Associates
  • Mark McGregor, Director, Business Architecture, OpenText

OpenText, OpenText:On-Demand Webinar, Business Architecture 101,
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