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Network operators all over the world are facing the same fundamental dilemma – traffic growth is outpacing their revenue growth. To avoid financial disaster they must lower the capital and operational costs associated with transporting bits, increase the revenue derived from those bits, or some combination of the two. To meet these needs, operators are entering a new phase of the Sonet/SDH-to-packet network migration. It will require new optical networking architectures and new technologies that must achieve the following:
  • Improve transport costs
  • Accommodate existing services
  • Enable new services
  • Deliver operational simplicity
  • Provide deterministic performance and resilience
This new phase of evolution will yield innovations in optical switching while more tightly coupling both transport and switching. This white paper details the main shortcomings of current optical networking architectures and the features and functionality needed for the next-generation switching and transport network.

Written by: Heavy Reading

Building the Next-Generation Packet-Optical Switching Network, Ciena Corporation, Ciena Corporation Complimentary White Paper, transport network, Network operators, new optical networking architectures, new technologies, Provide deterministic performance
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Building the Next-Generation Packet-Optical Switching Network
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