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Since the completion of the Human Genome Project nearly ten years ago, the science of genomics has undergone a transformation. Enabled by new DNA sequencing technologies, many more scientists and informaticians are interrogating larger and more complex data sets and are expanding the range of problems that can be addressed through sequencing.

In this case study, Richard Carter of Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. highlights some key benefits of the NGS Collection including:
  • Simpler DNA sequencing workflows such as quality assessment and filtering
  • Visualizing gene content or density
  • Identifying and comparing SNPs and other variants
  • Comparing RNA expression across experiments or individuals
Download this case study NOW to learn how Accelrys is enabling scientists and informaticians to build and perform complex analyses of DNA sequence information in dramatically streamlined fashion.

Accelrys Software, Accelrys Software:Case Study, Building Novel Applications with Pipeline Pilot to Drive Next Generation Sequencing, scientist, genomics, science
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Accelrys Software
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