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According to the March 2009 Cutting Edge Customer Loyalty report, the top two pressures facing hospitality organizations are increased competition in a tough economy and less loyal customers shopping around for the best price. For the different segments within the hospitality industry, these pressures manifest themselves in different ways to impact lifetime customer value.

This creates a classic conundrum: at what point does an organization risk the brand to retain long-term customers. Between October and November 2009, Aberdeen surveyed 74 hospitality enterprises to determine how Best-in-Class organizations are utilizing loyalty programs to maximize lifetime customer value. This analyst insight report will outline the core capabilities and enablers that have a direct impact on customer retention, attrition and lifetime value.

Published by: The Aberdeen Group

Infor, Infor Complimentary Report, Building Lifetime Customer Value and Brand Advocacy in the Hospitality Industry, Best-in-Class organizations , channels, Cutting Edge Customer Loyalty, hospitality industry
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