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Things you'll learn:
  • Adding style to your first web page -- Add text and control page layout with CSS. Create backgrounds and borders, plus learn to add effects.
  • Using images on your website--Create a photo gallery and optimize graphics for the Web.
  • Include a custom search and user feedback pages---Websites aren't all one-way traffic. Learn to interact with your audience using web forms.
  • Launching your website---Learn about hosting plans, the pros and cons of using free services, and the tools you'll need to go “live.”
  • Extend your site's reach with social media---Everyone's using Twitter and Facebook these days. Discover the opportunities these sites can offer.
  • Enhance your site with HTML5, CSS3, & jQuery---Add cool features using the latest technologies to give your site punch.

SitePoint, Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML & CSS - Free 144 Page Preview, own website, web, social media, twitter
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