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The corporate data center has become the heart of the enterprise. But traditionally, storage has lagged behind computer power and networking speeds in terms of innovative breakthroughs. Now, all that is changing with recent advancements in storage technologies. Download this complimentary white paper to see how an ongoing shift towards clustered storage architectures is helping drive advancements in data center speed and performance. This paper will help you understand:
  • The full impact of growing unstructured data
  • How clustered storage architecture helps create sustainable linear scalability
  • Ways that next-gen storage creates business breakthroughs and IT operating leverage
Download this paper now and learn more about the advantages of next generation data centers.

Isilon Systems, Inc., Isilon Systems, Inc.:White Paper, Breaking the Bottleneck, Data Center, Data Centers, clustered storage, Storage, clustering, IT operating leverage, Storage Architecture
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Isilon Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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