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Responses from 10 major financial markets firms were included in the analysis, comprising 7 investment banks, 2 institutional brokers and 1 fund administrator.

Surveys consisted mostly of multiple choice questions, seeking either a single or multiple option response, in order to normalise responses for subsequent analysis.

Because Big Data is a new discipline, the analysis sought to highlight opinions from respondents, rather than hard information about their own firm's usage and experience. Indeed, questions related to actual usage were generally not addressed, pointing to a current lack of hands on experience with Big Data technologies.

That said, respondents did demonstrate a good understanding of how Big Data approaches might be leveraged across a number of key trading and risk applications, with substantial commonality of thought in some cases.

Respondents' views on individual applications are detailed in later sections. Ahead of that, the term Big Data as it pertains to the financial markets is examined.

SAP, SAP:Survey Report, Big Data in Trading and Risk Management, Risk Management, investment
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