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Higher mailing costs, lower response rates, and changing consumer trends have led to challenges for many direct marketers. In order to stabilize their return on marketing investment, some marketers will be forced to reduce direct mail volumes. To do this most effectively, savvy marketers will look to improve targeting efforts in order to more accurately identify those consumers most likely to respond favorably to a specific product or offer.

Marketers often employ different types of data for targeting purposes, but one of the most useful and efficient solutions is the utilization of lifestyle data. Lifestyle and interest data offer a cost effective way to gain insight into consumers' interests and therefore their propensity to purchase a particular product in the near term. Although rates are often higher and quantities can be lower than those available for demographic selects, lifestyle and interest data offer several advantages compared to other lists and can be used in various ways depending on the specific circumstances and desired results.

This white paper will discuss using lifestyle data in combination with demographics, enabling marketers to better target and segment their campaigns, leading to higher response rates, lower customer acquisition costs, and an increased return on marketing investment.

Equifax, Free Equifax White Paper, Beyond Demographics: Add Lifestyle Information to Improve Direct Marketing Results, Higher mailing costs, lower response rates, consumer trends, direct mail, marketers,
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