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To compete effectively, it's critical for businesses to get the most value and performance out of their IT infrastructures. As a result, IT environments continue to become more virtualized, dynamic and business critical. Thus, leveraging monitoring to ensure uptime grows increasingly vital. This white paper looks at how heterogeneous virtualization environments are growing more common in today's organizations, and it offers a set of best practices administrators can use to efficiently and effectively manage performance in these environments.

The paper will cover:
  • The changing nature of virtualization
  • Best practices for managing heterogeneous virtualization environments
  • Ensuring deployment efficiency in dynamic virtual environments with a cohesive view of performance and availability
To manage performance in increasingly heterogeneous virtualized environments, today's IT teams simply can't afford to rely on the piecemeal, manual monitoring approaches of the past. To optimize both performance and administrative efficiency, IT organizations need to leverage automated, cohesive and comprehensive monitoring approaches and solutions.

CA Technologies, CA Technologies:White Paper, Best Practices for Streamlining Administration in Heterogeneous Virtualized Environments,
Offered by
CA Technologies
The resource is available from the link above.
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