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As the number of mobile and remote workers has exploded over the past few years, so too have the security risks they pose. This adds to the concerns of the Healthcare Industry because of the legislative acts.

eEye understands that once these vulnerable employees re-connect they pose a growing threat to your corporate network. Allow eEye to offer you some materials to help you face your challenges. eEye has helped many small and large organizations such as Mercy Hospital, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pacific Care, Center for Disease Control Provider with their IT security challenges.

This white paper outlines how an endpoint intrusion prevention and scan on connect solution can enable you to secure mobile and remote machines and corporate network from today's most sophisticated and blended threats.

Best Practices for Security Remote and Mobile Devices, eEye Digital Security, eEye Digital Security Free White Paper, emerging security threats, Mercy Hospital, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pacific Care, Center for Disease Control Provider
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Best Practices for Security Remote and Mobile Devices
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