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Download this white paper to find out how to connect technology to strategies that support the evolution of a CFO to a "wizard"— someone who performs the role of trusted advisor, prophet, sorcerer, and more. Understand how taking a fresh look at current business processes and wisely choosing which ones to improve can ensure an escape from the transaction-focused bean counter role. The 5 strategies include:
  • Improving visibility and context of the data employees need to succeed
  • Identifying and resolving a business pain that is reducing profits
  • Ensuring financial goals and business goals are linked—and attained
  • Being a watchdog and vocal supporter of projects that support regulatory compliance (IFRS) and technology investment (XBRL)
  • Empowering the organization: ensuring decisions can be made at the right levels
Explore why these topics are most critical in creating order and direction in a changing and sometimes chaotic business climate, and also which technologies can be most helpful in the CFO's pursuit of success and impact.

Bean Counter to Business Leader: The Changing Role of the CFO, compliance (IFRS) and technology investment (XBRL), Empowering the organization
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Bean Counter to Business Leader: The Changing Role of the CFO
The resource is available from the link above.
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