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"I don't think the business was really dead set on finding an open source system...It just so happened that SugarCRM™ was open source and was a superior product at a superior price." - James Sullivan, CRM Analyst, Avid Technology


  • Provide an effective CRM system for sales reps operating in large, multinational company
  • Ensure management insight into product sales by rep and geography
  • Manage tens of thousands of transactions per year
  • Greater user adoption across the sales organization improves account and opportunity management
  • A single record of customer interactions gives management better visibility into the business
  • Lower TCO produces faster payback than existing solution

SugarCRM, SugarCRM Case Study, Avid Technology Choosing Commercial Open Source for CRM Success, CRM Analyst, James Sullivan, open source system, salesforce, sales reps,Customer Relationship Management
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'Create a Memorable Online Experience - Get $40 per Lead'

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