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Get 4 FREE TRIAL issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology - the world's leading news weekly for global aviation, aerospace and defense professionals.

At the end of your trial period,
  • U.S. subscribers can continue to receive 47 additional print issues (51 in all) for just $103.
  • Canadian subscribers can continue to receive 47 additional print issues (51 in all) for just $109 USD.
  • Selected international countries can continue to receive 47 additional print issues (51 in all) for just $160 USD.
  • All other countries may subscribe to the digital edition for just $80 USD.
  • Keep just the 4 FREE TRIAL issues and owe nothing by returning the bill marked “cancel.”
Readers from over 180 countries trust and rely on it for issues pertaining to the military, commercial and space industries. Each issue provides current and in-depth understanding to the technology, business and operations shaping the marketplace. If you sign up for the 51 issues, your subscription includes:
  • AWST Online - access to the subscriber only website where you can read the upcoming issue every Friday before its issue date
  • FREE online fully searchable archives of the past three months
  • Aerospace 2012 - an integrated print and online resource (value of $49.95 USD)
  • Special issues including MRO, Paris/Farnborough Air Shows, Top Performing Companies and more
  • 100% money back guarantee

The McGraw-Hill Companies, Aviation Week & Space Technology, aviation, aerospace, homeland security, MRO, avionics, airport, defense, military
Offered by
The McGraw-Hill Companies
The resource is available from the link above.
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