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Secure Remote Management (SRM) enables the staff of an energy industry services provider central management of all satellite and terrestrial network equipment from a single screen. Integration with existing infrastructure provides aggregation of all remote information and non-stop connectivity to the service portal (both in band or out-of-band). Administrators schedule and coordinate all network maintenance and management operations being performed by the SRM appliances.

In this case study, see how secure remote management enabled:
  • Significantly reduced tech support calls and trips to customers' remote locations
  • Increased overall network service availability through reduced configuration errors
  • Constant connectivity with and management of remote network sites

Automate Routine Network Maintenance and Recovery Tasks Remotely, Uplogix, Uplogix Free Case Study, Secure Remote Management (SRM)
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Automate Routine Network Maintenance and Recovery Tasks Remotely
The resource is available from the link above.
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