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Whether you're creating mobile productivity, multimedia or content-rich applications, there are some key development considerations you should understand early on. These best practices will help to ensure that your application provides for an optimal customer experience, and that it runs efficiently over AT&T network.

In this white paper you will discover information on:
  • Unique Aspects of Mobile Applications
  • Formulating a Wireless Strategy
  • Evaluating Technology Requirements and Available Approaches
  • Fitting the Mobile Solution to the Environment
  • Defining a Platform Policy
  • Remembering the Mobile Device Is Not the Desktop
  • Analyzing Coverage
  • Managing Mobile Devices
  • Designing for Security
  • And More!
By submitting your free request, you will not only have access to this white paper, but will also be registered for a free devCentral membership, where you can gain access to all of AT&T's Developer Program resources! A follow-up email will be sent to you with your login and access information.

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