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A recent stat showed that Pinterest generates more monthly usage than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined! Whether you're already Pinning like crazy and suffering from Pinsomnia or just exploring how Pinterest might be relevant for your business, somewhere in this 40-page eBook, you'll find ideas, answers and a bit of Pinspiration on how Pinterest is helping businesses just like yours take social media to the next level on the fastest-growing new social media platform.

In this complete eBook on using Pinterest for social media marketing, you'll learn:
  • What makes Pinterest so addicting?
  • How does Pinterest work for marketers?
  • How to use Pinterest in your marketing.
  • Pinterest tips & tricks.
  • How to use Pinterest in promotions and contests.
  • Using Pinterest to drive e-commerce sales.
  • Unique uses for Pinterest in marketing.
  • Case studies of leading businesses using Pinterest.

MarketingSavant, MarketingSavant:eBook, All Aboard the Pinterest Train: Your Express Track to Powerful Marketing on Pinterest, linkedin, social media, marketers, Marketing, google+, twitter, Sales
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