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Leveraging sales compensation management positively impacts a company's top and bottom lines because it aligns sales behavior directly to corporate financial objectives for increased sales performance and profits. Managing the sales compensation process effectively enables a more productive and efficient sales organization that is not only motivated, but also has real-time visibility into their individual and team performance.

Mark Smith, CEO and Executive Vice President, Ventana Research, stated in a webinar devoted to the topic of sales compensation management from the financial perspective, “Many acute challenges include driving, tracking and monitoring better accuracy and providing consistency, oversight and legal compliance. It's a complex process, but it has to be executed effectively-- not with the technical, operational or financial silos that are common today--but by providing insight, accuracy, agility, strategic solutions and improving process quality.”

Xactly Corporation, Xactly Corporation:White Paper, Aligning Finance and Sales: Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management, Sales, SOX, sales performance, Finance
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