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There are two commonly tracked service desk metrics for agent training: new agent training hours and annual agent training hours. New agent training measures the number of training hours, including classroom, computer-based-training, self-study, direct coaching, and on-the-job training, that a new agent receives before they are allowed to handle customer contacts independently. Annual agent training, by contrast, includes any ongoing training that an agent receives after their new agent training has been completed. Annual agent training does not include routine team meetings, shift handoffs, or other activities that do not involve formal training. Most support organizations will tell you that they don’t do as much training as they would like. The most common reasons cited for the shortfall are budget and time constraints. But given the overwhelmingly positive impact that training can have on an organization, it’s no surprise that the staunchest defenders of the training budget tend to have the best performing support organizations. Please click the link below to download the full Metric of the Month*

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