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A truism in information security is that every user and every device face the same malware threats. Over the years, malware has evolved from nuisances that disrupt operations and destroy data to tools of criminal theft, corporate espionage and state-sponsored warfare. The problem is only getting worse as endpoint devices become increasingly mobile and operate outside the control of corporate security. This risk is paramount, as seen in the evolving class of malware used in connection with 'advanced persistent threats' (APTs) that stealthily infiltrate networks, in many cases, by tagging along with endpoints and portable media.

In this white paper, Kaspersky will review the growing number of APTs and zero-day threats against endpoints; the security options available to mid-market and enterprise users; and how Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 provides superior protection against routine and advanced malware threats.

Kaspersky Lab, Kaspersky Lab:White Paper, Advanced Persistent Threats: Not Your Average Malware,
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