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Many IT organizations have invested in process automation tools such as a Change Management system or a Service Desk. Yet, a gap often persists between the actual change activity that takes place and the documented and authorized Change Management processes. This change control gap results in manual activity by IT departments to minimize risk and meet business commitments. This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) whitepaper outlines how, by adding automated control to change management, organizations can reduce this costly, ineffective, and error-prone reliance on manual processes, and close the gap between intended process and the change that actually occurs across the IT infrastructure.

Learn how you can assess your requirements for change control, based on business drivers such as improved/guaranteed service availability, compliance, and IT Service Management/ITIL implementations. Read about the different facets of change control such as:
  • Enforcement of change policy for improved IT service availability
  • Closed-loop change management to promote accountability and compliance
  • Visibility into actual change for measurement of process effectiveness
  • and more!

Solidcore Systems, Solidcore Systems White Paper, Adding Control to Change Management: How to Assess Your Requirements, critical system, application outages, IT organizations, service desk, Enterprise Management Associates, EMA, IT Service Management/ITIL
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Solidcore Systems
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