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Enterprise data services (e.g. Frame Relay, MPLS, ATM) are a combined $25 Billion annual market, and the last bastion of high-margin, oligopoly carrier services. Meanwhile, broadband (e.g. DSL, Cable) has become widely available and highly competitive, offering more bandwidth than Frame Relay/MPLS connections at radically lower cost.

Talari Networks' innovative Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology pioneers a new class of product with a unique strategy to leverage VPN technology to deliver enterprise WANs. APN employs a RAID-like approach to the reliability and predictability issues associated with the Internet and other affordable shared IP networks, combining diverse sources of bandwidth to enable high-bandwidth WANs at radically lower cost while delivering true business quality "four nines" reliability.

An APN solution delivers:
  • 30x – 100x bandwidth/$$,
  • monthly WAN costs reduced by 40% - 90%, and
  • greater reliability than existing private WANs using Frame Relay or MPLS
Written by NetForecast, Inc., Sponsored by Talari Networks

Request Your Free White Paper:, Adaptive Private Networking: Achieving Low Cost, High Bandwidth and Highly Reliable WANs, Doing for Enterprise WANs what RAID did for Storage, NetForecast, Inc., Sponsored by Talari Networks
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