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While the majority of discrete manufacturers indicate that they have had a focused demand management program in place, recent Aberdeen Group research finds that these companies may need to refocus their attention towards order-to-delivery excellence as a driver for demand management rather than just concentrating on statistical forecasting. Aspects that companies should focus on include external collaboration, customer level forecasting, and integration with order management.

In their study, Aberdeen found that firms rated as 'best in class' in demand management are:
  • Three-times more likely to have a single view of demand with multiple views as inputs.
  • 2.5-times more likely to integrate order management tightly with the demand planning process.
  • Twice as likely to segment demand forecasts based on key product-customer characteristics.
  • Three-times more likely to allocate forecasts down to the SKU level.
In this report, you can view the results and the recommended actions that manufacturers can take to improve their performance. The report will also help you assess your business processes, organization, data and technology to see where your company stands in demand management maturity.

Published by: Aberdeen Group; Presented by: Infor

Achieving Order-to-Delivery Excellence: Demand Management in Discrete Industries, Aberdeen Group,Infor, Infor Free Research Report, traditional statistical forecasting
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Achieving Order-to-Delivery Excellence: Demand Management in Discrete Industries
The resource is available from the link above.
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