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Wholesale distributors have faced challenges in the wake of the worst economic recession in recent times. Often caught in the middle between manufacturers and retailers, wholesale distributors are also threatened by disintermediation efforts from both ends. The Q3 2010 Aberdeen Business Review found the top 2010 goal for this sector to be improved profitability, leaving many distributors in search of operational excellence. Now as we close out what has proven to be a daunting year, as we begin to see glimmers of hope on the horizon, what must wholesale distributors do to be poised for recovery? Can Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provide benefits to improve operational performance and provide a level of differentiation that will allow distributors to grab their fair share of market as the economic indices begin to rise?

Written by: Aberdeen Group       Presented by: Infor

Infor, Infor:Report, Achieving Operational Excellence in Wholesale Distribution: Poised for Recovery?, Wholesale, retailer
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