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NAC is a multifaceted framework to control who and what gets access to network resources, and helps keep malware from entering the enterprise. Today, there are huge challenges to implementing as-yet immature NAC solutions, including complex integration requirements, inadequate inspection capabilities, and weak policy management. In contrast, by virtue of their in-depth access control and host integrity checking capabilities, SSL VPNs (the progenitors of the NAC concept and technology) provide an efficient and effective dose of NAC where it's needed most, with far fewer complications. And, it's expected that today's SSL VPN technology will remain a valid component of future enterprise NAC implementations, playing an instrumental role in the maturation of NAC. Read "Achieving NAC Now and in the Future: The Role of SSL VPNs," by network security expert Mark Bouchard, compliments of Aventail.

Aventail, Aventail White Paper, Achieving NAC: the Role of SSL VPNs, NAC solutions, network security, network access control, malware
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