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For many years, The First American Corporation used a variety of applications, spreadsheets and documents to manage policy and compliance processes across their five major business segments. While their processes were effective, they lacked efficiency. By implementing Archer Technologies' Policy and Compliance Management solutions, built on the flexible Archer SmartSuite Framework, First American has gained:
  • A central location for managing work, prioritizing activities and sharing information
  • The ability to quickly deliver information to management and auditors through real-time dashboards and reports
  • Significant reduction in manual processes and duplication of effort
  • Solutions that can easily scale to serve their entire organization
  • Rapid return on their investment, and a "pain-free" solution implementation that end users adopted within a month with a high level of satisfaction
First American has also benefited from the client care they have received from Archer, whom they describe as "committed to satisfying customers with exceptional products and service."

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