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This comprehensive study conducted by one of the top experts in the field of software development cost analysis, objectively measures the benefits of using commercial Eclipse-based Java IDE products from IBM® (IBM Rational Application Developer®), Genuitec® (MyEclipse®), and CodeGear (JBuilder® 2007 Enterprise Edition). These benefits are compared to the freely downloadable baseline Eclipse configuration.

Team configurations and projects of varying sizes and purposes were modeled and measured while building new Java software and maintaining existing Java applications. Discover the impact various Java IDEs had on the development cost, time to completion and resulting application quality of these projects.

Report Prepared by CostXpert Group, Sponsored by CodeGear

Request Your Free Study, A Comparative Study of Commercial Eclipse-based IDEs, Learn how an Eclipse-based IDE can be used to improve the productivity and quality of various Java projects when compared with using baseline Eclipse distribution, Cost Xpert G
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