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The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has been a hot topic in the medical community for some time. However, many physicians continue to subscribe to myths regarding EHR implementation. Often, private practices maintain the status quo because it seems easier and less expensive than adopting change—but this way of thinking is shortsighted and could drain thousands in profits. Paper charts are cumbersome and an outdated method to manage patient information. Each day hours of staff time is wasted pulling and filing patient charts. It is estimated that 30% of the time medical records are “not found” creating a concern for quality of care as well as hours of lost staff time. Additionally, lost and incomplete paper charge slips cut revenue. Elite practices have discovered the link between new technologies and financial performance.

Early adopters of EHR technology have already been experiencing how paperless workflow and information management has streamlined processes and increased their bottom line.

AdvancedMD Software, Inc, AdvancedMD Software, Inc:White Paper, A Case for EHR: 5 Status Quo Myths that Hold You Back and Reduce Your Bottom Line, information management
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