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No matter what role you have within an organization – be it engineer, salesperson, consultant, HR officer, brainstormer or bottle washer – you've acquired a second responsibility: project manager. But managing projects has become more challenging than ever.

Why, because we don't work in "departments" as much as we work on projects and projects mean lots of people sharing loads of information across offices and time zones. It means, frankly, that there's a great demand for effective, efficient project management

Read this white paper and discover seven ways that you can optimize project team productivity with customizable, Web-based project management applications. By taking advantage of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software that's expressly designed for effective project collaboration and communication, your teams can stop swapping spreadsheet files and exchanging emails, and at the same time, reduce their dependency on IT application support and increase their ability to work – and succeed – together.

Free White Paper, Intuit-Quickbase free white paper, 7 Ways to Optimize Project Team Productivity: Using Customizable Web-based Software to Your Business Advantage,web based software, team work
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