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In the 60 Social Media Marketing & Promotion Ideas in 60 Minutes presentation, MarketingSavant will take a "social media lightning round" approach and cover 60 real world promotional ideas that you can use in social media. This is really geared for just about anyone. B2B marketers will find ideas, local retailers will find ideas, non-profits will walk away with something and even government agencies might learn something about connecting with their communities through social media. MarketingSavant has drawn examples from their own cases and clients as well as examples from around the web and from brands of all sizes and market segments. If you're looking for a real kick in the pants, you've got to check this out. You'd better sit down for this one, as it's going to go quick, but you're guaranteed to leave with at least a few ideas to make the hour well worth your while!

Along with this free offer you will also receive weekly marketing news, tips, and advice delivered to your inbox courtesy of MarketingSavant.

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