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  • Share within ITmb,, and HubSpot are uniting to share just that. To teach you how you can bring your company together for customer growth and success. Join them in this webinar to learn how you can bring your company together for customer growth and success, as well as optimize and streamline the path from customer marketing and sales to delightful services.

In this on-demand webinar, executives from the three leading companies will cover the art of bringing in new customers, and becoming better at keeping them.

The 60-minute session will cover how to:
  • Create marketing people love
  • Build a complete marketing picture
  • Gain a full view of your customers across all touches traditional or social
  • Make smart business decisions with better visibility and real-time reporting
  • Take charge of your customer support
  • Engage with your customers where they are

HubSpot, Inc., HubSpot, Inc.:On-Demand Webinar, 6 Steps to Accelerate SMB Growth in 2013, customer, Marketing, Sales, salesforce
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