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The move from PC-based applications to mobile device solutions is redefining how business gets done. B2B sales teams are seeing how custom mobile solutions help train sales reps, keep new marketing materials at hand, and drive two key metrics: lower costs and increased sales.
  • 30% of sales organizations are planning to deploy tablets in 2012 - Ventana Research
  • 45% of sales and marketing execs say that creating a comprehensive mobile and tablet app and adoption plan is a priority. - Forrester
In this white paper, you'll learn how developing a Mobile Sales Enablement Solution:
  1. Streamlines your workflows and processes
  2. Differentiates you from your competition's sales approach
  3. Delivers more engaging customer experiences
  4. Provides data that yields greater customer insights
  5. Extends your brand deeper into the sales process

Mutual Mobile, Inc, Mutual Mobile, Inc:White Paper, 6 Bedrock Requirements for a Mobile Sales Enablement Solution, Sales, customer, Marketing
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Mutual Mobile
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