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This white paper demonstrates how innovation success starts with linking existing Customer and Partner Relationship Management (CRM/PRM) software to product innovation processes, supported by an integrated product innovation management system to provide “360 Degrees of Insight”. This white paper also provides insight into:
  • The benefits of integrating CRM/PRM-based idea capture with product innovation management processes
  • Why even the most successful companies fall short when it comes to customer communication
  • The business impacts of status quo product planning and management
  • How selecting the right product innovation software tool is critical to the success of bringing idea to product
  • How Oracle CRM and Accept have bridged the gap in the VoC process
You will learn how to increase customer retention, sales and support organization contribution to product strategy, and keep product requirements and roadmaps aligned with evolving market demands.

Accept Corporation, Accept Corporation:White Paper, 360 Degrees of Insight, Refining Innovation with Voice of the Customer, customer, CRM, Marketing, Sales
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Accept Corporation
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