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Numerous memos but no communication. Inconsistent and reactive leadership. Crisis following crisis with no relief in sight.

Does that scenario sound all-too-familiar? If so, there is hope – and help. Discover the three tools that pulled the Margaret George School from the brink of collapse and transformed it in less than a year into one of the "Best Places to Work" with:
  • Improved management and staff communications.
  • Streamlined day-to-day operations.
  • Consistent, constructive employee performance feedback.
  • Renewed vision and corporate direction.
If your company is struggling with stress, inefficiency, and frustration, "3 Ways to Overcome an Organizational Crisis" is your guide to positive change! Download your copy today!

3 Ways to Overcome an Organizational Crisis,Numerous memos ,communication. Inconsistent and reactive leadership, Streamlined day-to-day operations,employee performance feedback,Makarios Consulting, Makarios Consulting White Paper
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3 Ways to Overcome an Organizational Crisis
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