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With MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), you can scale your network architecture, without compromising requirements or limiting performance. Benefits include end-to-end quality, security, and reduced costs. This white paper by INS (International Network Services) describes MPLS in detail and the advantages it offers over traditional networking services.

This paper includes:
  • Benefits of MPLS end-to-end quality, security, and reduced costs
  • Three scenarios common to remote site deployments for small and mid-size offices
  • Review of WAN routing platforms for supporting VoIP over MPLS at the edge of the customer's network
  • Comparison of a simplified Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) between two leading network access equipment vendors
  • Analysis of 24-site MPLS network architecture with various sizes of remote network deployment

Adtran, Free Adtran White Paper Download, Technical Document, 3 Scenarios for ROI: Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with MPLS, Multi-Protocol Label Switching,
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