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“Today, the chief impediments to accelerating your enterprise’s ability to add value to your company’s business could be…you, Ms. CIO. That’s because the debate about IT’s role is over. Yes, it provides a service. But if it doesn’t accelerate revenue, too, it’s out of business.” – Forbes

As we head towards the end of 2013, many managers are checking off their to-do list for 2013, and setting goals for 2014. Deciding how to spend your remaining budget dollars to complete this year’s goals and meet next year’s objectives can be difficult. But one thing is clear: Benchmarking is CRITICAL to identifying performance gaps, setting performance goals and improving performance over time. If improving performance is one of your goals and objectives, MetricNet Benchmarks represent an ideal year-end investment!

We offer a number of economical Benchmarking solutions which accommodate virtually every Service Desk, Desktop Support group and Contact Center worldwide:

1. MetricNet’s industry benchmarks can be instantly downloaded from our website. Shop now!

2. For those who wish to conduct their own benchmarking analysis, you can purchase a benchmarking data file that contains data from peers in your industry! Contact us for a price quote.

3. For those who need a comprehensive, turnkey benchmark vs. peers in your vertical market, MetricNet offers proprietary Peer Group Benchmarks. You can download a sample Peer Group Benchmark here.

Don’t let the clock run out!

There’s still time to schedule your benchmark, and set yourself on the road to World-Class performance this year!

2013 Goals, 2014 Planning, Year End Budget, Benchmarking
Offered by
Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
The resource is available from the link above.
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