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Are You Having Difficulty Recruiting and Retaining Sales Talent? One clear finding is sales hiring and retention will become a major issue for many organizations in the coming year. In 2012 they project that the pressure on sales leaders and HR managers to recruit, hire and retain high-performing sales organizations will become much more intense than over the past five years. As companies increase headcount and the sales talent market tightens, sales recruiting will pose one of the most daunting challenges for business leaders.

Six Insights from the 2012 Sales Hiring Trends Report:
  1. Key market changes impacting sales hiring trends
  2. Changes to sales hiring velocity
  3. Trends in planned sales headcount
  4. Steps to prepare for the emerging war for sales talent
  5. Retaining sales talent in an accelerating economic recovery
  6. Steps you should take now to maintain a consistent pipeline of sales talent

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