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With digital marketing on the rise, results showed that three of the top five marketing tactics being used relate to online marketing (website development, email marketing, and Social Media Marketing). Respondents also reported using marketing practices such as press releases, direct marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and seminars. Other survey questions examine a range of marketing topics, including most-used social media tactics, top areas of marketing spend, and top sources of sales leads.

Key results include:
  • The areas of highest marketing spend involve digital marketing, including website development, direct marketing (email and direct mail), and online marketing
  • While tradeshow and event marketing remains as a top source of sales leads, email marketing and online marketing are reported to have better Return-on-Investment
  • The most utilized social media tactics are social networks (66%) such as LinkedIn and Facebook, blogs (34%), and video sharing sites (29%)
  • About two-thirds of respondents (68%) reported that their 2011 marketing budget is 5% or less of their overall revenue
  • Forty percent (40%) of respondents expect their marketing budget to increase in 2012
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