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The IndustryWeek/Manufacturing Performance Institute (MPI) Census of Manufacturers—one of the largest annual studies of U.S. manufacturing facilities—and Canada Manufacturing Study joined their efforts to provide operations, financial performance and best practices data to manufacturing executives. Read this report for an intriguing look into 943 North American manufacturing plants. In the 2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary, MPI offers perspectives on the results, giving additional meaning to the metrics. Highlights include:
  • Projected revenues and margins
  • Labor turnover
  • Lean improvement methods—Lean Manufacturing, Lean and Six Sigma, and the Toyota Production System
  • Materials Manufacturing costs
Read the MPI 2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary now.

This executive summary based on findings from The MPI Group, Inc.

Infor, Infor Executive Report, 2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary by MPI - Findings and Perspectives, 2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary Report for manufacturing metrics, perspectives and best practices, IndustryWeek/Manufacturing Performance Institut
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