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Every new year is a fresh start for the IT job market. Some years, the outlook is awesome. Other years, not so much. This year looks like there's reason to be cautiously optimistic. What's on the horizon in 2011 for career-minded IT professionals? Learn what skills and certifications are making news and find out how you can use that info to your advantage. Download your free 11 Hiring Trends for 2011 white paper from PrepLogic.

The staggering job losses at the tail end of the decade have resulted in the highest unemployment since the early 1980s. Recovery has been slow. But there's some evidence that Wall Street hiring trends are on the rise. Is 2011 the year we finally see some of the improvements that have been promised? More so than any other profession, IT professionals must keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

With PrepLogic's 11 Hiring Trends for 2011, you'll learn what certifications have the greatest impact on your pay, the real value of the MCITP and you'll find out what effect the Department of Defense may play in your search for a job. If you're looking for the inside info you need to become the example IT professional that others follow, this white paper can help.

PrepLogic, PrepLogic:White Paper, 11 Hiring Trends for 2011,
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