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There are many technologies available for organizations facing the imperative of creating a mobile solution for customers or employees (or both). By now, most companies have already tried a few approaches - developing on Native SDKs, employing industry-focused application providers, using frameworks/libraries or toolkits, or developing in-house on HTML5.

For those who know hands-on or through references the limitations of the approaches mentioned above, the need has come down to a true enterprise-grade technology - a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP).

Download this white paper for the top 10 key criteria for mobile application development platform selection that will ensure success of your mobile projects and future-proof your mobility choice.

Kony, Kony:White Paper, 10 Key Criteria for Mobile Platform Selection,
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Mark Choudhari      about 11 years ago
Article goes over how there are numerous technologies accessible for organizations facing the imperative of conceiving a wireless solution for customers or workers. Goes over  Native SDKs, using industry-focused submission providers, utilising frameworks/libraries or toolkits, or evolving in-house on HTML5.  For those who understand hands-on or through quotations the limitations of the advances cited overhead, the need has arrive down to a factual enterprise-grade expertise - a wireless submission Development stage (MADP).
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