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As your customers spend more time on their mobile devices and less time on their PCs and laptops, engaging with mobile users is more important than ever before. In response to this rapid increase in mobile internet use, leading companies have been aggressively shifting attention to their mobile strategies, ensuring that they deliver a mobile experience that exceeds their customers' expectations.

But simply having a mobile site and/or a mobile app is not enough. Leveraging Mobile Engagement to Boost Sales, Service, and Customer Satisfaction examines why engaging with your mobile customers is so critical, and includes LivePerson's “top five” best practices in mobile engagement.

You'll learn:
  • Why mobile engagement needs to be a top priority right now
  • Why mobile engagement is particularly valuable
  • How mobile engagement can increase your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Best practices in mobile engagement

LivePerson, LivePerson:White Paper, Leveraging Mobile Engagement to Boost Sales, Service, and Customer Satisfaction, mobile strategy, Mobile Devices
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