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Effective transportation management involves overcoming a host of real challenges— volatile fuel costs, capacity levels that shift like the wind, and ever increasing customer expectations for shorter and more frequent delivery times.

The Aberdeen Group surveyed over 150 shippers regarding their current performance levels and the factors that have helped or hindered them. Aberdeen found that those few companies at the top of their games have a fundamentally different approach to transportation management than other companies— an approach that transcends the old metrics and pressures, and leads to winning performance across the entire supply chain.

Read this benchmark report to learn how this alternative approach by Best-in-Class companies was reflected in nearly every aspect of their operations— their view of the world, how decisions are made and prioritized, and the processes and technologies that they viewed as vital to success.

Published by: Aberdeen Group; Presented by: Infor

Integrated Transportation Management: Best-in-Class Companies View the World Differently, Infor , Infor Free Benchmark Report, Aberdeen Group
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Integrated Transportation Management: Best-in-Class Companies View the World Differently
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