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Nearly 1 in 4 opt-in emails never reach the inbox. You can blame the ISPs and their ongoing fight to reduce spam, but what you should really be looking at is your email list and sending practices - something called sender reputation. A recent study found that 77% of the time it was sender practices that influenced whether emails were delivered to the inbox or not. The good news is that improving your deliverability is completely within your control. Download the white paper “Your Reputation Holds the Key to Deliverability” and you can learn how. Discover the 6 key factors that affect sender reputation, how you can benefit from monitoring, repairing and safeguarding your sender reputation, and how best subscribing practices will allow you to control complaints.

  • How clean is your list? It matters.
  • Open rates are only a piece of the story
  • A good sending reputation = maximum deliverability
  • “Continue using best practices and you might well achieve near-perfect deliverability on mailings using your internally-generated lists.”

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